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Case Study: Neurocritical Care Society & civiCRM

About NCS

With a worldwide membership of multi-professional health care providers, the Neurocritical Care Society is dedicated to improve the health care and outcomes of patients with life-threatening neurological illnesses by promoting quality patient care, professional collaboration, research, training and advocacy.


NCS sought to enhance its ability to meet its mission by increasing membership with better member management capabilities, more streamlined eCommerce and improved online learning.

Specifically, they were looking for:

• CiviCRM implementation
• Access to more member data
• Development of custom membership options
• Data migration from legacy software
• UI/UX navigation improvements
• Connected online education system with website more cohesively


• Replace Money Scripts with CiviCRM
• CiviCRM configuration for simpler membership renewal
• Data migration from l4A and Money Scripts Membership Suite
• SSO solution between Moodle Rooms and Drupal site
• Members-only portal design enhancements
• Custom membership developments for individuals and organizations
• Development of special rules for discounts



• Improved tracking, organization and reporting of members
• Improved membership payments and renewals
• Improved site navigation
• Memberships at different levels and prices that can be bought in bulk or individually
• Relevant content display for appropriate members/users
• Easier access to online courses
• Increased member retention
• Increased membership revenue