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Case Study: Mt. Sinai Hospital

About Mt. Sinai Hospital

Mount Sinai Hospital Chicago is a teaching hospital that provides medical, surgical, behavioral health, therapeutic and diagnostic services to the greater Chicago area. Proving to be a national model for the delivery of urban health care, Mount Sinai Hospital ranks among the top 10% of hospitals nationwide. With a continued focus on the needs of their community, Mount Sinai Hospital Chicago provides consistently reliable and efficient medical care to individuals and families in the Chicago area.

Why Promet?

Sometimes hospital websites need some minor operations to improve their overall digital health. Their Drupal website reflects their brand - it needs to be of the highest integrity. Mt. Sinai Hospital needed Drupal Consulting to determine the best path to a healthy website. Promet was able to analyze their objectives, technical needs and business goals to provide a solution that is time and cost efficient.


Mt. Sinai came to Promet because elements of their site were slow, not functioning and/or not easy to change/ update. Unsure if they wanted to rebuild the entire site, they relied on Promet consultants to put together a strategy that would give them a healthy site within their time and budget parameters. 


Promet Source gave Mt. Sinai a Site Assessment to evaluate the site’s architecture, specifications, configuration, operations and management processes.  From there, the Promet team made a thorough diagnosis and recommendations for improvement. Promet’s Drupal consultants advised making a series of multiple changes to their current site - saving Sinai the time and money of doing a complete rebuild. Additionally, Mt. Sinai had digital enhancement needs to support marketing efforts including an improved “Find-A-Doctor” functionality. The Promet Drupal consultants were able to scope marketing and technical needs to deliver a refresh of the Mt. Sinai site in less than four months.


The expert Drupal developers at Promet were able to successfully strengthen and improve the site’s structure and custom modules. With code integrity in place, Mt. Sinai has a site prepared for future development and growth. The overall site now performs optimally; site administrators can make updates to the site efficiently. For example, the services section (which highlights the hospital’s specialties) was difficult to maintain and/or edit; now content editors have new imports and fields that allow for faster changes. With easier editing in place, the services section is up-to-date with the hospital’s current specialties and terminologies.

While many backend improvements were made that improved the site’s speed, security, maintainability and functionality, Promet Source also gave Mt. Sinai solutions for user interface. Mt. Sinai’s Marketing team recognized a need for a more usable “Find-A-Doctor” feature. Promet Source provided this feature with a larger search criteria and the ability to search by proximity.  The site is now connected to a Google API which allows site users to search for doctors within 25 miles of their location.  The layout of this function is more user-friendly and intuitive. The administrative management of the “Find-A-Doctor” database is now streamlined for the Mt. Sinai staff. Promet provided a simpler CSV file import which allows the entire Sinai organization to access doctor information.  

Other small changes include updated aesthetics of various tabs to match the overall branding, improved doctor profile pages, the implementation of a rotating banner on the homepage and overall visual enhancements for better UI/UX. These small changes gives the site cohesive branding and better navigation. Throughout the process, all code was delivered with best practices to ensure the site can be maintained and supported into the future.