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Case Study: The Field Museum of Natural History

About the Field Museum
The Field Museum of Chicago is an internationally renowned museum of natural history. It is one of the top ten cultural attractions in the city of Chicago, boasting over 24 million specimens. With such prestige, it is paramount to have a website that represents their integrity.
Why Promet?
The Field Museum partnered with Promet Source to stabilize their site so it could be updated and improved into the future. They needed strong Drupal expertise to repair and relaunch their website in time to support their marketing initiatives in which the site will play a critical role. The Field Museum’s Drupal site had severe errors in its initial code; they came to Promet Source because of Promet’s reputation as being experts in Drupal and solving technical challenges.
The Field Museum could not apply necessary updates to their site for maintenance and improvements. Many of their modules were “hacked” because their site was not built using Drupal best practices. Their site implemented beta and alpha modules that weren’t properly vetted.  Further, the Field Museum lacked a migration strategy for updating their site in the future.
The Promet Source team performed a thorough site assessment in which Promet conducted an in-depth analysis of the site’s architecture, specifications, configuration, operations and management processes. Using the site assessment as a launchpad, the team diagnosed and troubleshooted the areas of the site that were causing the errors.
Three modules were the root cause of the problem as they were not developed using Drupal best practices. The development team executed an action plan to identify and correct the code errors; Promet was careful to not impact other areas of the site that were functioning normally. Additionally, the front end design was replicated by our themers to ensure their design was not altered by code fixes.
The project was executed within a six week timeline. The Promet Source team successfully repaired the Quick Tabs, Views and Media modules - each with its own unique problem and solution. The Field Museum’s site was repaired with best practices. While the site remains the same from a visual and functional perspective, its quality is improved. This level of quality and code integrity will allow the site to be continually maintained, updated improved into the future.