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Case Study: AFFNA

The mission of the Association of Former Federal Narcotics Agents (AFFNA) is to develop, promote and preserve goodwill and friendship among former federal narcotics agents and other DEA personnel; To provide mutual assistance to the membership and to assist the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) in its mission of drug law enforcement.
Why Promet?
AFFNA is an association who came to Promet Source because of our extensive history accommodating for the unique needs of associations. Before Promet, AFFNA’s website served only as a member portal. They sought Promet to continue and enhance the member management functionality, while also adding pages for the public.  AFFNA relied on Promet’s association experience to develop a site with that could attract and engage potential partners and members.  
AFFNA challenged Promet Source to help them evolve their site from a members-only portal. In essence, they needed to engage the public, specifically potential partners and members with a new web-based solution that allowed for increased public content, improved social interaction amongst the community and simple sitemap navigation. They relied on Promet to make requisite changes without impacting the database or complicating the push strategy. Additionally, Promet sought to improve their website to bolster mission-critical objectives.
Promet Source provided incremental improvements to configuration and site-building which simplified the project for the client.  We created a new design and view for AFFNA’s front page which pulls members-only content and added a new page for sponsor organizations.  We allowed for more content on the homepage thereby making a more welcoming site.  Now, any visitor to the site will have an understanding of AFFNA’s mission. Further, the site has some welcomed modernity: user intelligence for business (Google Analytics and XML Sitemap) to improve SEO and monitor site usage. Finally, Promet gave AFFNA improved mailing authority, spam prevention, application security monitoring and  user-creation notifications.
Promet was able to provide AFFNA with a solution by implementing the following tools: Drupal Views, Drupal Permissions, Drupal Rules, Drupal Roles, Drupal monitoring, Drupal Caching, SSL, JC/CSS compression, XML Sitemap, Sendgrid and Google Analytics.
Promet Source improved AFFNA’s landing page which made their site more welcoming and informative for all users - members and public.  The improvements in functionality ensures that former federal agents are able to find and interact with AFFNA.  
AFFNA’s Executive Director put it best, “I am the Executive Director of a retired group of professionals that stay connected mainly via the internet.  Promet Source was able to bring me and our organization from the Dark Ages into the 21st century.  We now have a well-functioning website that the membership loves.  I am able to stay connected with over 1200 members and track their dues all through the website.  Thanks to Promet Source we were able to do all this at a very reasonable cost.”