August 2011 offers an amazing opportunity in London for users, developers, designers and evaluators to develop their Drupal skills.  Kicking off the weekend with intensive, pre-conference training courses to suit all levels of expertise, Drupalcon London welcomes newcomers and seasonal site Read More
/ Microsoft acquires Skype After months of speculation over who would buy Skype and after rumors that Facebook would acquire it, Microsoft acquires Skype. The company has announced that it has acquired the VoIP giant for $8.5 billion. Skype will now be integrated into Microsoft devices and Read More
/ Advantages of Drupal Sites: Since the launch of Drupal an increasing number of website are being run on Drupal. Drupal sites are easy to use and manage.  They offer lots of functionality out of the box.  Additionally, the ability to expand the functionality of Drupal through the use of modules Read More
Installation Profiles An installation profile "turns on" functionality and pre-configures a Drupal Installation so that, instead of starting with a blank slate, you have a customized installation fit for your needs and close to being production-ready.  Visit our other blog to find out more Read More
What are Drupal Installation Profiles?: Getting Started with Drupal Install Profiles