September 13, 2011
Promet's Expansion Promet's goal of global Drupal domination is one giant step closer after events that began on September 9th of 2011. Promet employees spent all of last week franticly packing up their desks and posessions while still maintaing a normal workload and carrying on as if nothing was Read More
As advanced as Drupal is as a content management system, it takes a little more extensive knowledge of the platform and elbow grease when it comes to effectively hosting videos on Drupal sites.Promet's belief about hosting video on Drupal has always been that the user should have complete control Read More
June 17, 2011
Drupal 7 vs Joomla 1.6 This is a comparison between Drupal 7 and Joomla 1.6.  We evaluate which CMS is best in 5 categories; Installation, administration, code, expandability, and usability.  Lastly, we draw overall conclusion about these two CMS's and help you choose which will work best.  It's Read More
What is next for Drupal 8 initiatives?  Dries has announced that Drupal 8 will switch its default doctype from XHTML to HTML5.  This is the fifth Drupal 8 initiative that Dries has announced.  It follows the initiative announcement for configuration management, design, web services, and Read More
I am here in beatiful Denver Colordo manning our gold sponsor Promet Booth at Drupal Camp Denver 2011.  I had an opportunity to  jump into some good sessions.  Below are some notes I took at the Drupal PCI Compliance session.     PCI Security standards    PCI-DSS   Notes from the Drupal Camp Read More