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What’s bugging you?

I have been working as a software QA in less than a year yet it seems like I have been in the world of software testing for years now.

As I remember it plainly, I was asked during an interview, “What is your definition of a bug?”

Time to break the ice! I paused for a moment, ogled at the interviewer and without a wink answered back, “A bug is what we, software testers, chase with pleasure while it is also a developer’s nightmare.”

It was one amusing response that finally made the interviewer hoot. Whew! To the very least, it could be a Software tester’s best friend but overall could be a production’s enemy.

Since I stepped in this race, I have learned a lot – and I am still learning. It’s like a new door has opened up and let me in. I was able to work with professionals and discover a lot from them.

While in this pursuit, I have that software testers need to feel a sense of fulfillment, that we are truly contributing to the release of a quality product.

So does the famous adage, we succeed where others fail.

Testing is a talent, a skill that any software tester should be proud of.

With this, we have a knack to be excellent thinkers thus apply it to our everyday lives.

So… what’s bugging you right now? Seems like you are forgetting something? Messing up with your codes? Or is it because of that horrible, tremendous bug that was assigned to you which will take you hours to resolve?

There, there…

That bug is this tester’s gift to you... *wink*