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What is Selenium? or: why you should deploy armies of robots to test your site now

What is Selenium?

Selenium is a tool for automating browsers that can blah, blah…

That’s all jargon to disguise the real magic of Selenium: Selenium is a factory for building customized robots that can be unleashed to take on your website before your human users do.

Yes, robots. Automated agents that can perform tasks.

Do you still need convincing?

Do your users click through your site? Yes, of course, they do. Then why not build a robot that can whine to you about links not working properly before your busy (smart, beautiful, rich, environmentally conscious…) users do?

Do your users login and see content that’s just for them? Do you want to check on a regular basis (say, every night) to make sure that content is still there? No, of course, you don’t. You want a robot to check it for you while you enter your third REM cycle.

Do you want to stop spending 30 plus hours QAing your side every time you downloaded a security updated? Oh yes. Yes, you do.

More importantly, we want to create robotic users for our customers so that they can tell us when the site doesn’t look the way our clients want it to… before our clients do.

In the next blog, I will tell you about how we are currently building our robots, what we have done to keep them from turning on us, and some lessons learned. When our robots achieve sentience, I am sure that they would appreciate the documentation of their genesis.