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Training for Expert Drupal Developers

Before joining Promet Source, I had frequently heard their reputation for employing some of the best developers in the industry. I have seen this proven time and again, with both new development projects and countless "rescue" projects we deliver.

So, what does a trainer do to help experienced developers? Train them!

As I do with all experienced developers, I suggested that we start with the basics and work our way through the Drupal 9 Site Building, Front End and Back End Development best practices. At first, there was some concern among management that our training would be too simple. Then we saw the huge interest from all of our developers, PM staff, and even sales and marketing!

Training not only ensures that everyone follow best practices, but also empowers your team with end-to-end, comprehensive, hands-on instruction.  Now that we’ve trained more than 20 employees, I’ve affirmed that the reasons I promote and defend training are as true as ever:

  • Best Practice Drupal training provides a big picture that developers rarely get when learning is done online and “as needed.”
  • Even the best developers can establish less efficient practices when those practices achieve the desired result. Desired result doesn’t always equal best practice.
  • Training assures your team is all working from the same playbook. Drupal’s flexibility allows developers to solve issues with a multitude of solutions. When developers are all “trained” via different online sources they are sure to adopt different solutions. Understanding the big picture and actual best practices allows them to focus efforts on solutions that are efficient and extensible.
  • Training improves developer confidence and job satisfaction. We can absolutely credit training with high adoption enthusiasm.

With our clients, Drupal enthusiasm and confidence in the a new platform are dramatically increased with training before delivery. We also find that clients who have a deeper understanding of the technology they are receiving are able to be more involved in requirements planning and take more ownership in making a delivery work.

Put our team of expert Drupal trainers to work for you! Promet Training has the largest public Drupal training course schedule, with live, instructor-led trainings each week.

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