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Top Posts from 2019

2019 set the stage for a new decade of innovation driven by open source, design driven by insight into how humans interact with technology, and digital accessibility driven by high court decisions and consumer demand. Throughout the year, we at Promet Source reached out every week with updates and insights.  

We’ve now taken stock of nearly 50 blog posts contributed by the full slate of talent that passionately serves our clients. 

Here are the posts that had the highest readership.

1. Supreme Court Marks New Era for Web Accessibility

By Andrew Kucharski, President, Promet Source

Andrew wrote the year’s most-read post immediately following U.S. Supreme Court’s decision to not review, the Ninth Circuit Court’s ruling in Robles v. Domino’s Pizza, LLC. His post pointed out the significance of this development, which signaled a long-anticipated answer to to the question of whether Title III of the 1990 Americans with Disabilities Act, applies to an organization’s online presence. The answer is yes and the result is an anticipated acceleration in the pace of lawsuits pertaining to web accessibility.

2. Better Instructions for Your Drupal Content Types

By Cindy McCourt, Training Instructor, Promet Source

Our roots are in Drupal. Last years’ posts that focused on Drupal best practices, how-tos, or the scheduled June 2020 release of Drupal 9 consistently drew in a lot of interest and attention. Topping the list of Drupal posts in terms of readership: Better Instructions for Your Drupal Content Types. This Drupal how-to covered four Drupal 8 default features that provide instructions for content authors.

3. Great Websites Are Created before the First Line of Code is Written

By Mindy League, Director of User Experience and Design, Promet Source

This post reflected a breakthrough approach to web design and development that Promet Source adopted with the 2018 acquisition of the DAHU Agency. DAHU's team of UXperts and design thinkers have advocated for the application of human-centered design principles to web development, fueled from a foundation of:

  • collaborative problem solving, 
  • elimination of  assumptions,
  • deeper knowledge transfer, 
  • empathy for users, 
  • early stakeholder alignment, and 
  • excitement about what’s possible.

The result: deeper engagements, more fun, and superior outcomes.

4. A Marie Kondo Inspired Guide to Content Migration

By Chris O'Donnell, Business Development, Promet Source 

Chris O’Donnell, Promet’s entertaining and wickedly smart business development lead, had an epiphany in 2019 that content migrations would be well served by following the principles supported by anti-clutter enthusiast, Marie Kondo: tidy up, follow the right order, and discard what no longer serves.  

Onward to 2020!

Consistent outreach contributed to a significant growth in readership last year and we are committed to continuing that trajectory. With our talent base of experts and writers, we are tapped into a wide spectrum of expertise and insights. Contact us with your thoughts concerning what you want to read more about this year.