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Think Fast! Play Drupal Trivia at MidCamp

Time to break out your best Drupal knowledge, Chicago!

Demonstrate your Drupal genius at #MidCamp this year.


Do you have what it takes to be quizmaster at Promet Source's booth during MidCamp? Promet is inviting the community to participate in a friendly round of Drupal trivia during MidCamp activities Friday, March 18 and Saturday, March 19, 2016.

If you know your stuff, you can recommend questions in the form below and help Promet build a list of fun, engaging questions. Want your voice to be heard? Don't wait, start suggesting your favorite facts, little-known nuggets of knowledge and tricky trivia about Drupal.

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Include the source for your question to help in vettting authentic questions. Questions that have answers, and ones that we can verify easily, have the best chance of making it into the question roster.

Visit the official MidCamp 2016 site.