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First slide on @akucharski presentation 'Succeeding with Fixed Budget' given at the #14ntcdrupal

Succeeding with Fixed Budgets: The Slides

Promet Source just returned from the Non-Profit Technology Network's annual conference, NTC, March 13-15th in DC.  Attendees learned a lot from our wealth of experience to the NFP industry, having worked on web applications for organizations including the Springboard Foundation, Tuta Theatre, The Field Museum and the Illinois Safe School Alliance, among others. We successfully advocated Promet & Drupal's ability to give NFPs donation and member management tools.  
The show featured a "Drupal Day" for attendees who wanted to explore the power of Drupal.  Promet was selected as one of the elite six Drupal firms to serve as consultants for this day.  Our own Andy Kucharski gave an exciting presentation, "Succeeding With Fixed Budgets" where he gave valuable insight into how NFPs can write successful RFPs, use the MoSCoW method, avoid the Cone of Uncertainty and communicate with their Drupal vendors.

Optimize and succeed your next Fixed Budget Project planning process from Promet Source