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On the Road to DrupalCon Asia

Read some more updates from Promet's journeys across the Drupal-verse:

I stopped by our office in Cebu City in the Philippines on my way out to Mumbai. I was all too ready to soak up the sun, crystal clear waters and white sand beaches around Cebu but I also had to keep an agenda for Asia’s largest Drupal event somewhere in the back of my mind. I am a featured speaker, after all.

While I’m getting in some time with the Cebu team I also need to practice my presentation, update the slides and make sure my stack of business cards is fully stocked. A tough balancing act, but challenge accepted.


Grabbing dinner with Promet's Cebu City crew 

My meetings with the Cebu team were mostly focused on our growing QA team. I also wanted to personally extend congratulations to John Ross and Arnold since they now rank as the two Acquia Certified Grandmaster developers for the Cebu office. The distinction should be recognized; these two incredibly talented Drupal developers managed to go the extra mile and inspire the rest of the team, which already has the most Acquia Certified developers in the Philippines.
Grand master Acquia logo


But prior to my arrival, I presented the Cebu team with a challenge of their own: see who could end the month of January with the most core Drupal 8 contributions. The grand prize was a ticket to DrupalCon Asia in Mumbai.
When the dust settled, Leo, one of Promet’s front end developers, emerged with the most core contributions and secured his seat on the flight to Mumbai. Our goals at DrupalCon, aside from representing Promet Source to the wider Drupal community in South Asia, are meeting new people, getting a bit outside of our comfort zones (in a good way!), and learning new Drupal 8 skills.
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