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Recap: Promet Webinar at Acquia

Recap: Promet Webinar at Acquia/ Promet Source and Acquia Discuss Drupal for Mobile

Promet Source recently had the pleasure of hosting a webinar at the headquarters of Acquia to discuss how we were able to design a cutting-edge mobile application for use by Green Cab of Madison.  This is a quick recap of the webinar.
Full webinar replay is available at the bottom.



/ What the Presentation is Designed to Leave You With:


  • How we solved this problem using Drupal
  • Why we thought Drupal was the best choice for the job
  • Where we see some ideas for further opportunities with Drupal mobile based applications

Some Projections:

  • By the year 2013 mobile phones will overtake PCs as the most common device for accessing the web
  • Transportation CIO’s will make mobility one of their top priorities for the next two years



/ Greencab’s Dilemma:


Greencab of Madison – a partner of Promet Source, was looking for a dispatch solution.  Specifically, something that can be used on an iPad.

An important fact to note about cab services in larger cities nationwide to keep in mind is that the majority of cab rides come from dispatched cabs that are ordered over the phone or internet, and NOT simply be people flagging them down on the streets.

Green Cab was looking for a Drupal-based application that could handle this load.

Dispatch would also need to use GPS to have an exact location of each cab that can be reported in real-time.



/ Promet’s Solution:


Promet is under the belief that multiple industries have any number of aged proprietary devices that can be replaced with more up to date applications that run Drupal.  Upgrading basic cab functionality from a cab’s dashboard provided a perfect opportunity to build an application using Drupal.

There was quite a bit of customized coding and development involved with the entire project on Promet’s end. 

Promet did not have any pre-designed applications to implement to make this project more streamlined, everything was custom built from the ground up to meet Greencab’s needs.

Hybrid development with Phone Gap is the basis for this case study with GreenCab of Madison’s application.

Benefits of choosing PhoneGap:

  • Write in HTML5, using CSS and javascript
  • Activate native features
  • The application would be compatible with multiple devices

Chosen Architecture:

  • Drupal 6 – no need to wait for Drupal 8
  • Community contributed modules
  • Open layers
  • Google Maps API
  • Drupal services to communicate with the iPad


Wireless Week covered Greencab’s new iPad app recently as well.  Read the full story here:




/ Webinar Replay