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Promet Sponsors Drupal Camp Indy

Promet is excited to be sponsoring and attending the upcoming Drupal Camp Indy! Held at American College-Sports Medicine in downtown Indianapolis on Saturday, October 23, 2010, this one-day event will feature a variety of sessions on learning, using, and making the most of Drupal. Designed for both beginner and advanced users, Drupal camps are a great way for people to learn how to use this free, open-source content management system (CMS) and web application framework. Because we love the community of Drupal users and the way we’re able to learn from each other, we’re thrilled to partner with this camp and make it a success! Anyone is welcome to attend Drupal Camp Indy, including brand-new users, experienced developers, hobbyists, designers, marketers, business owners, or anyone who’s curious.

The Agenda
Drupal Camp Indy will have five tracks of sessions: Development, Theming, Business, Site Building, and System Administration. Individual sessions may be formal presentations or group discussions, and specific session titles will be determined by online voting, with an official schedule posted on October 22.

Beginner Sessions
Those attendees who are either unfamiliar with Drupal or still new to the CMS and web application format will enjoy the series of sessions catering specifically to beginners. Within the Site Building track, our own Doug Vann of Promet Source will lead "Beginner Session 1: What is Drupal?" In this morning workshop, he’ll go over the history and facts about Drupal, as well as key terminology and value points about this platform. In "Beginner Session 2: How to Create Custom Content," Vann will demonstrate how to create a blog from beginning to end. This session will go over blocks & regions, content types, taxonomy, CCK, comments, mollom anti-spam service, user permissions settings, themes configurations, site information settings, and more. Vann will also lead "Beginner Session 3: Views - Getting content to the user" in which he’ll explain Views, the dynamic Query builder used by 99.9% of Drupal sites.

Other Sessions
Other featured sessions we’re looking forward to includes the “Intro to Drupal Theming” which is about considerations for turning a Photoshop mockup into a Drupal site, “Aegir Basics and Overview” that will go over ways to use Aegir as a development server, and “Wrangling the Drupal Client,” in which Jamie Meredith will cover such key topics as selling Drupal services without losing money, tools for making a project run smoothly, knowing when to turn down a project, and ways to optimize your offerings.

Our Attendence
Our team is excited to be visiting Drupal Camp Indy as a full group!  Our entire Chicago office will be making the trip down and is extremely excited.  Hope to see people there on Saturday and Sunday!  Check out our Drupal Camp Indy Sponsor page.