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Promet Source Visits Rackspace

Promet visited the corporate headquarters of Rackspace in San Antonio, TX this week and we came away very impressed. Our goals in visiting this important partner were to learn more about their technology and roadmap and share our mutual best practices.

Rackspace’s HQ is located in a retrofitted regional mall on the outskirts of San Antonio. A few years ago, the mall was a victim of shifting demographics and sales trends and found itself vacant and begging for demolition.

Enter Rackspace who was looking for a large open space to house their expanding employee ranks (affectionately referred to internally as “Rackers”) rapidly approaching 2500. Rackspace acquired the property, gutted the building and proceeded to retrofit the facility as THE progressive workspace. Rackspace’s HQ now sports open workspaces, upper management that is embedded within the general workforce (no corner offices), lounges, interactive conference rooms, ping pong tables and refilling stations stocked with beverages and snacks.

Rackspace also boasts “The Slide”, a big 2 story stainless steel slide imported from Germany that eliminates the need for an elevator in that part of the facility.

The Rackers we met with really love working there. The philosophy of Rackspace is to go above and beyond for the customer, and everyone seems to buy into their slogan of providing fanatical support. Team members constantly help each other out, their turnover is low and they continually build their installed base of customers.

Promet fits into the Rackspace partner ecosystem as their go-to Drupal application support provider. We have plugged into their programs and we’ll be rolling out aggressive marketing and technical initiatives over the next few months.

To view more pictures of our Rackspace visit, click here.

To learn more about how a joint Promet and Rackspace solution can help your business, contact us here.