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Promet Revolutionizes Ambrosia Bakery Website

Promet’s web development of The Ambrosia Bakery’s site was not the only key in improving the bakery's online look and feel, but also pivotal in moving the company forward.

“[Since Promet’s redesign,] we’ve had a tremendous increase in online revenue,” Ambrosia’s Felix Sherman, Jr., said. “I’m really at peace with everything they’ve done for us.”

Located in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, The Ambrosia Bakery has been in business for nearly two decades, serving its community some of the freshest baked cakes and pastries anywhere.

Its delicacies are so popular, it’s not uncommon for customers to travel to the area just for a chance to indulge cravings for desserts such as the Fresh Strawberry Cake, the Scarlet O’Hara, or the luscious Italian Cream.

For Ambrosia, living up to its name, “food of the gods,” was not a problem--but finding a way to maximizing online selling power was.

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The Problem

For a retail baking business like The Ambrosia Bakery, eCommerce is key. A powerful website means not only a way to stand out amongst competitors, but also an intuitive shopping experience for customers, advanced analytics for targeted marketing campaigns, and most of all, the means to turn all those features into increased revenue.

Unfortunately, their existing website was doing none of those things.

“Our previous site had quite a bit of issue regarding eCommerce and so forth,” Sherman said.

So, after meeting the team from Promet at a Retail Bakers of America (RBA) trade show in North Carolina and learning of how the web development company had also created the Retail Bakers of America website, Sherman enlisted Promet’s help.


What Promet Did

To maximize The Ambrosia Bakery’s eCommerce site, Promet introduced a newly revised website with features that allow customers to order as if physically at the bakery—with a look at feel to match the store’s building in colors and graphics.

By creating user logins, they are able to set up Ambrosia accounts to order cakes and desserts, select dates and times for pickup, and track online order history.

“I was very impressed with [Promet's] communication efforts, getting the job done, getting the site set up,” Sherman said. “They’ve got a great system that allowed us to stay in constant communication throughout the whole process.”


The Results

After Promet finished The Ambrosia Bakery’s website, the popular Louisiana bakery saw an immediate, dramatic increase in its online revenue—an increase that could be fully tracked through the built-in web statistics and analytics Promet provided.

According to Sherman, this tracking is key for building a business.

“The neat thing is that you know, all of it is completely trackable now, so I can really pay attention to it, whereas that previously wasn’t available. I highly recommend [Promet] for anyone that’s looking for a new site. I’ve sent quite a few people over already.”

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