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Promet Helps Government be more Accessible

As more and more government agencies seek to increase participation and collaboration from constituents, Promet is excited to offer the complex technology to make those goals a reality.

Using Drupal and other open source resources, Promet has launched several government websites quickly and affordable, allowing agencies to get their messages out to the public in the fastest, clearest, most cost-friendly way possible.

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Government Reaches Out

The fact is, Drupal is the software of choice for an increasing number of government agencies today.

Thanks to the Transparency and Open Government Memorandum initiated by the Obama Administration, many United States federal government agencies have been reaching out to constituents, seeking opportunities to become more accessible—without having the additional funding to do so.

That’s why an increasing number of government agencies are using Drupal, currently ranked as one of the most heavily used content management systems in the world.

This free, open source social-publishing framework is used, developed, and improved by an active community worldwide, and it offers incredible opportunities for customization, design, growth, and collaboration.

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Government Agencies Are Choosing Drupal

In the U.S. alone, Drupal powers websites for big government agencies such as The Federal Communications Commission (FCC), The U.S. Small Business Administration, and even The White House.

When The White House launched its new site last year using Drupal, the decision made headlines, and other government entities followed its lead.

With its versatility, security, and functionality, Drupal has the power to serve both state and federal government, both small and large entities.

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It makes it fast and easy to post information to the public, which is important for public service agencies. It offers the high security that government agencies need and expect.

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It’s flexible enough to be updated and changed as needed. What’s more, this community-based software offers a wide array of user-contributed modules designed to enhance social media abilities.

Drupal is the perfect blend of powerful technology and social publishing, making it ideal for government web development.


Promet Helps Government

With extensive web development experience and specialized industry knowledge, Promet is helping the government achieve its goals, working with them from start to finish to make their agencies more collaborative and participatory through customized websites.

Promet specializes in custom web solutions that are on time and on a budget, developed through open source tools. Along with our diverse portfolio of clients, we are excited to partner with government agencies to improve their influence and reach.

Ready to have a website that serves your constituents' and your goals? Contact us today.