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Estimation: Seizing order from chaos

Project Estimation: Remove the Guesswork

Your reputation depends on the delivery of your project, and it starts with proper estimation. When you remove the guesswork from project estimation, everyone will be happy: clients, developers, managers, and even end-users.

In this recorded webinar, Johnnie Fox—Certified Scrum Master and Promet Source Project Manager—guide his audience through the tools, techniques, cautions, and risks of project estimation.

Johnnie gives you the structure and strategy to improve:

  • Time estimates
  • Resource estimates
  • Sales estimates
  • Margin estimates
  • Support estimates
  • Project sizing
  • Factoring the unknown into estimates

Whether you are developing a new siteproviding site support, implementing migration, or adding new features to a site, the key is to manage expectations and determine deliverables. 

Learn how to structure and organize your project before it even begins. Watch the webinar below:



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