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DrupalCon or Bust

Going to DrupalCon? Come chat with Promet if:


You are a Drupal Developer, Solutions Architect or Front End Developer looking for a working home where your intelligence, individuality, and interests, are rejoiced!
You wanna learn the latest about projects building online communities, implementing augmented reality, developing custom modules, manipulating Drupal and more!
You've heard that our Continuous Integration process is ye olde bee's knees!
You have Drupal needs that may or may not have been deemed impossible
You think 24/7 Drupal Support & Maintenance is fantastic! 
You like to laugh! 

We can't wait to see you at booth 311!  

Come trade an awesome tweet @prometsource for a sweet t-shirt.  That medicine bottle is a sneak peek into our 2014 DrupalCon theme! 
Look out for the Promet team: 
Michelle "Dr. Strange Glove" Krejci who will help out BuildAModule for their Monday training
Allan "Pappy Van Mingle" Chappell who will also be mentoring your face off at the BuildAModule training
Andy "Bring The Pain...Killers" Kucharski who will dazzle you with his load-testing session
Libby "Tea n' Tee" Smolik who will charm you at the booth
Melissa "Holy Choco-Mole" Gonzalez, our fresh-faced Support Manager
Maggie "Worm in a Sleepin' Bag" Graham who will make you think 
Doug "Nurse Handy Clapper" Dobrzynski, our most morally-sound team member
Johnnie "Quit Asking Me What I Say" Fox, the most popular Drupal manager
John "Bubble Breath" Nollin who wants to recruit the shivers out of you