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Drupal Features Module Tutorial

Drupal Features Module Tutorial

My implementation of Features module in Drupal is for a site where Panel Pages were used to display various information.
I figured Features can be best utilized on this site because of the amount of manual configurations needed to create a Panel Page. The development process includes development, staging and the live

site. With these 3 environments, Features is indeed a great help as this lessens the time of manual configurations needed to implement for all the environments.

With Features integration completed, I have come up with a basic step-by-step illustration on how this module would be beneficial to websites.

View the tutorial here.

The tutorial is divided into 2 sections:

Section 1 illustrates steps on how to create a content type, a listing page of the created contents generated from Views page and an alternative way to display the views block contents in a Panel page.

Section 2 outlines Features-related steps: managing, creating, downloading, uploading and installing the Module. 

There still are a lot to discover about the power of Features, but for now, this simple integration is already a big improvement in pushing configurations to different environments.