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Drupal 7 to Drupal 8 Migration: A Roadmap for Success

Before setting out for a road trip, I never leave home without the essentials: playlists full of all my favorite tunes, a good friend that doesn't mind when I sing off key, plenty of snacks, and of course, directions to wherever I'm headed. Although I believe the journey can be half the fun, I still like to have an idea of where I'm headed, and a solid plan to get there on time - especially if I'm on a tight schedule.

Much like a road trip without a map, setting out to migrate your current Drupal 7 (or Drupal 6) site to Drupal 8 can lead to unexpected detours, bumps in the road, or leave you completely broken down in the middle of nowhere!

Enter Promet Source - your Drupal 8 migration experts.

Our team of Acquia-certified Drupal experts is ready to be your companions on the journey from Drupal 7 to Drupal 8. Check out our Roadmap to Migration below for a snapshot of the trusted process our team has used in countless migration projects over the past decade.

Ready to get started? You pick the tunes, we'll bring the snacks - and no judgments for singing off key. Contact us today!

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