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Crisis Communications

Communication in a Time of Crisis

Current realities are rapidly shifting for all of us. What to do now? What can we expect? 

During a time of crisis, the quality of communications can have a huge impact, and not just in the moment. The effects of what is said and what is not said will linger, and reveal much about the organization, its leadership, and individuals involved. 

A crisis and challenge on the magnitude of a global pandemic stands to bring out the best in us or the worst in us. There are the immediate concerns surrounding staying safe and helping to ensure the health and well-being of those around us. Then, of course, there are a myriad of business and financial concerns. Life goes on. Promises still need to be kept.

At Promet Source, we are committed to reaching out and being our best selves during this time. It’s a commitment that starts at the top with clear and honest communications.  

This commitment calls for a higher degree of empathy and outreach. What are people going through? What do they need to know? How can we help?


Empathy PLUS Honesty

During times of uncertainty, people look for answers and reassurance, and it’s tempting to want to provide that. Keep in mind that making promises and commitments that may not be kept is likely to be interpreted as dishonesty and deception, both of which are particularly difficult to forgive. Now is the time for integrity.

As businesses around the world scramble to meet obligations and keep teams productive and connected while working from remote locations, the right messaging matters more than ever before. 

Great communication also calls for a focus on connectedness: focusing on what it is that we have to offer and how that translates into our role as corporate citizens.


Resources and Expertise

At Promet Source, we’ve reached out to our sphere recently, pointing out that our team is distributed and that due to our well-established business processes for working remotely, we’re positioned to consult on the systems and technical tools that we’ve found to be the most effective for staying connected and optimizing productivity. 

Our communications team can also serve as a critical resource during this trying time, helping with strategic messaging and communications plans for optimizing culture and strengthening client relationships.


New Concerns, New Paradigms

It's important that we actively acknowledge that team members are facing new sets of challenges that extend beyond working at home. In many cases, school-aged children are at home. There are likely to be constant interruptions and new expectations for homeschooling. 

There are also big concerns about coronavirus symptoms and the impact of recent exposures. 

Even among those who remain healthy and symptom-free, let there be no doubt that this pandemic is having a major impact on everyone’s lives. Team members with high-stakes deliverables who are now facing a whole new set of realities need to know that they are not alone. 

These new realities call for new ways of connecting, being present, and adding value. It’s a challenge that few could have anticipated, but that many are working through and revealing considerable character in the process.


Did you know that Promet’s communication team can help with strategic communications support? Contact us today to schedule a workshop, or simply to start a conversation.