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Holiday giving at Promet Source

Celebrating the Season of Gratitude, the Promet Way

This season represents a special opportunity for gratitude and connection among those of us at Promet Source. With a highly diverse team that draws talent from all over the world, our celebrations take many different forms.

Some of us share our holiday table with furry best friends.

Dog at the dinner table


And our Argentinian team members celebrate national pride and sportsmanship during mid-December in their own unique ways.

boxer in an Argentinian world cup jersey



Generous Hearts, Big Impact

This has been a great year for Promet as we’ve had the opportunity to ignite new digital possibilities for a wide range of clients. 

A phenomenal team of developers, solutions architects, project managers, designers, and marketers have been on the front lines of making this happen.

Earlier this month, we reached out to the whole team and asked for ideas for giving back, with recommendation on philanthropies that were particularly close to individual's hearts. 

Many ideas were submitted and we selected five of them. We then offered every team member with an option to direct a portion of their annual bonus toward one of these organizations.

Five nonprofits

Everyone had the opportunity to designate zero percent, but the outpouring of generosity served as a big reminder of why I’m proud to be a member of this talented and open hearted team.

A helpful driver of the generosity was an announcement that Promet would match 100 percent of every employee contribution. 

Promet is matching 100 percent of every employee contribution.

We are currently tabulating totals, and looking forward to sending our contributions each of these incredible organizations.

It is a privilege to give generously, and we are filled with gratitude for all of the opportunities this year that have enabled us to do so.

From all of us at Promet Source, we wish you a joyful holiday season, and a New Year that's filled with hope and prosperity.  

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