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Web Integration

At Promet Source, we deliver web service integration consulting and implementation. Allowing your complex application to work with services, effectively talk to other applications, and allow users to send messages between systems. By utilizing complex web integration it allows for less time wasted and a more streamlined business process. Through our Drupal integration tactics, it enables your site to interact with other software.

Web Integration is leveraging the enormous success of the Web Browser to access services and information on the Web. The services can, for example, include lookup in news archives, searching cheap flights, ordering cinema tickets, and even editing Wikipedia. Information can include search results from Google or content from any other online information source, even RSS feeds. Web Integration allows for fast integration of any web browsable content, data, and applications into portals, wireless devices, content management systems, applications, databases, RSS feeds, REST or Web services.  

Our CRM and AMS integration will automate your sales and/or member management processes.  Integrating with applications like Salesforce, Blackbaud and CiviCRM gives teams automated tools for communication, customer data and analysis.  

Dedicated to efficiency, Promet Source wants to ensure websites that can interact with one another. We know Drupal and a complicated task or technology does not intimidate us as our experts can capably handle any workflow that relates to your web application. If you want to integrate with another system or company, we can help you do that. If you need multi-step integration we will make it happen. We aim to bring you an enterprise solution for you business. Experts in Drupal integration with 3rd party API, Promet will work with you to add efficiency to your Drupal integration process. Promet is also an expert in integrating web application and mobile applications outside of Drupal.

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