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Mobile Application Development - Android

At Promet we approach the Android application development by being well versed with the Android software. We become proficient in the android app developments tools and the technologies required to build a superior Android app. With complete control of the software, we work and keep up to date with every Android improvement as well as the latest Android app development technology.

Benefits of an Android app development:

  • Android app development has no gatekeeper like iOS
  • Technology that is growing
  • Has enabling features and support
  • It is part of a large and growing market

As Android is coming into it’s own, Promet is up to date with the software and how to utilize the new device to help your company. Working with the Droid platform will allow your application to be released to one of the largest mobile app stores to be used by millions of users.  Increase your exposure by not only building an iOS app, but also one that can be used by the Android community.

Android is built on an open source platform and at Promet we are Open Source Evangelists.  At Promet we are open source experts, as our Drupal program is on an open source platform as well. We build our websites in the Drupal CMS open source platform and believe that the open source community is the wave of the future. Our Android applications can be built as rich and innovative as are our websites.

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