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Drupal Theming

At Promet Source, we want to create a website that best represents your company. The first impression of your company through your website will be in its design. The design and framework of your website needs careful consideration; that’s where we come in. After a designer has created the final designs, the next step is transferring that design into a Drupal Theme.

A Drupal themer takes these designs and makes them the framework of your site. During Drupal theming, our developers piece the design files together seamlessly. The product of this process is a functional, moving, and responsive website. The way the site scrolls, moves, and links becomes a reality once the themer interprets the design and adds the functionality.

During Drupal Theming, Promet will:

  • Define page layouts
  • Specify the display of images and other graphical elements
  • Specify the display of fixed or variable text
  • Specify the attributes of fonts and graphics
  • Override the output from modules as needed

Promet’s goal is to provide the client with a first class website that not only provides meaningful content, but also represents your company the way it is supposed to, with a professional and accurate design. Drupal theming is the most important step in defining the look and feel of your site.

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