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Drupal 8 features unit level testing which will improve Promet's Continuous Integration practices.


At MidCamp (Midwest Drupal camp), I found out a really fascinating thing about Drupal 8: Support for PHPUnit is going to be part of the base distribution. This means a great deal to Solutions Architects and Developers at Promet because we have been striving to integrate automated tests into our build. Perhaps you remember from my talks or previous posts, number four of my 10 Principles of Continuous Integration is "Self-Testing Build".


A Spanish tutorial about Vagrant and Drupal.

Drupal is an international phenomenom. Drupal 8 will feature new multi-lingual solutions; Drupal Camps educate Drupal developers around the world; there will be a major DrupalCon in Latin America in 2015. 

Promet's SysAdmin, Greg Palmier reviews a case in LoadStorm. Now, you can measure how your site handles traffic in real time.  If you learn nothing else, remember: Don't just perform tests on your front page!  


Assessing the performance of your site will typically be one of your tasks as a system administrator, project manager or developer before delivering your final product.  Establishing a goal for performance such as load time and concurrent users is common for evaluating the load a server can continuously deliver without flinching.  However, not all sites are created equal.  The overall performance will be impacted the most by the most recurring visit profile, i.e. how the site is actually used the most.  




Wearable technology might be one of 2014’s most buzzworthy trends, making headlines in nearly every consumer, business and technology media source. Maybe because our fascination with being adorned in electronic devices like a 60s spy film is finally coming to fruition. Maybe because our lives are so interwoven with technology, our needs require an armor of electronics.  We live in two worlds: the physical world and the web-based world.  Wearable technology is the conduit that melds those lives together.

When you start addressing the topic of Continuous Integration (or CI for short) for the first time with an organization or project, there are often some typical questions that arise.


A basic tutorial of Features module in Drupal: (1) how to create and list contents in Views/Panels, and (2) how to create and use Features module


Image: Drupal.org

Features Tutorial


Touchnet Marketplace uPay now available for Drupal! By leveraging Payment API and optionally Webform Pay



We recently had the pleasure of integrating Touchnet Marketplace uPay with Drupal. Our client requested to make use of Drupal webforms to create site campaigns and handle the payment processing through Touchnet Marketplace uPay.

How to Install


Promet Source is all set to attend and speak at next week's CapitalCamp - Washington DC's Drupal Camp! Here is a sneak peek at Promet Source's first of two presentations: Project Management Tools and Organization


Promet Session at CapitalCamp: Project Management Tools and Organization

Catch Andy Kucharski and Johnnie Fox on July 27, 2:00 - 2:45 PM at Session Rm 310 as they talk about the different tools to improve project management and support agile development. 


An often unsung advantage that Drush can give you is the ability to quickly sync your Drupal installations between multiple environments.


Using SQL-sync & rsync in Drush

One of main draws to Drush is the library's ability to make developer lives easier.  There are two simple commands that work using Drush aliases that can help sync database and files between multiple Drupal instances.  First we'll go over setting up an alias file for Drush. After that, we'll document the usage of Drush's SQL-sync and rsync commands.