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Marc Delay

solutions architect
Marc “Don’t Worry About Any” Delay is a sharp shooter of Drupal development having been drinking (if not creating) the Drupal Cool-Aid* for over six years.  Prior to Promet, he worked for Duo Consulting and Imagination Publishing. As a Solutions Architect, Marc will astound our clients with experience working with General Mills, Northwestern Memorial Hospital, Lowe’s, The Episcopal Church and other renowned companies.  If you have extensive, sophisticated, complex, gut-wrenching development goals or challenges, Marc is your main man.  This guy does not balk at huge imports and migrations.  It is said there is no database or data structure he can’t import into Drupal whether it’s RedDot CMS, mssql (without an MS server, no less) or Ning. Not sure what that means? You can either a) not worry about it or b) ask Marc.  
It’s our understanding that he has a profound knowledge of sharks and homosapiens, so he is a great fit for Promet and our clients. Further, he is certified in food safety so he might issue you a ticket for having old milk.

*Purposeful spelling error just in case an over-sized talking pitcher has copyright issues.