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Maggie Graham Marketing Manager
Marketing Manager
Maggie Graham is a lot of things: An actor, ballerina, puppeteer, stand-up comedienne, improviser, world traveler, hesitant runner, health nut, francophile, purveyor of trivia, general life enthusiast... But, it's her proven track record in Sales and Marketing that brought her to Promet Source...Or maybe it was her charm...Or maybe it was her pursuit to work with brilliant co-workers in an exciting industry... Regardless, we love Maggie and her Marketing expertise/ creative brilliance (you probably will too).  She might push the envelope or instigate a dance break, but somehow it helps us think.
Maggie has worked in numerous industries: product development, industrial design, market research, education and entertainment for companies like Brooks Stevens, Strategex, MadCap Productions, etc.
If you are a member of the media, Maggie is your contact.  Do yourself a favor and call her.  Now.