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Libby Bus Dev
Sales Manager
Libby is the kind of guest you want to have at every party; she is kind, vivacious and will talk with anyone.  But, don't let that fool you; Libby is extremely organized, time-efficient and strategic.  In her prior employment at CDW,  Libby managed a team of 50 within the Nonprofit Specific Sales sector which generated approximately $170 Million.  We're certain she will do the same thing here at Promet.  We value her ability to nurture and build new business relationships; we're sure you'll like her just as much.  If you're curious about Promet Source, let Libby show you how you can get the most out of our capabilities and Drupal.  
The old threat "You'll be swimmin' with the fishies" has proven to be ineffective on Libby as she has been SCUBA certified since the ripe ol' age of 12.  When she's not deep-sea diving, you can find her singing along at concerts, writing postcards home to Michigan, or polishing her rare fork collection.