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Greg Palmier bio photo
Systems Administrator
Greg Palmier is a Systems Administrator, Software Engineer, hockey player and overall nice guy. He specializes in building & managing systems and platform infrastructure for web applications & development processes. Gerg's toolkit is chock-full of open source tools including Chef, Linux and Drupal. Over tea, he can can explain automated systems configuration, monitoring, management, and deployment for public, private, and hybrid cloud-based infrastructure...Or you could talk about his M.S. in Electrical Engineering from Purdue University...Or you could discuss the electromagnetic force's impact on your life...Or you could chat about soap operas.*
When Greg is away from his Promet desk, he can be found playing late night hockey games (ask to see his bruises) or doing home improvements.
*Greg Palmier does not actually watch soap operas. At least not to Promet's knowledge.