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Promet visited the corporate headquarters of Rackspace in San Antonio, TX this week

Promet visited the corporate headquarters of Rackspace in San Antonio, TX this week and we came away very impressed. Our goals in visiting this important partner was to learn more about their technology and roadmap and share our mutual best practices. Rackspace’s HQ is located in a retrofitted regional mall on the outskirts of San Antonio. A few years ago, the mall was a victim of shifting demographics and sales trends and found itself vacant and begging for demolition. Enter Rackspace who was looking for a large open space to house their expanding employee...

Check out this slideshow of how we have automated our continuous integration process at Promet. This was recently presented by Michelle Krejci at Drupal Camp Chicago at University of Chicago last November 10th.

Automated testing with Drupal from PrometSource To view more Drupal presentations and tutorials from the Promet Source team, visit us on Slideshare.

One of Promet Source's major higher ed projects is the renovation of Grinnell College's website. Promet's John Nollin guest-blogged on Grinnell's Web Services blog to discuss the benefits of using Drupal in building higher education websites.

Managing over 100 sections of a college website is no simple task. Amongst the many issues there is access control, syndication of content across the entire site, and providing a consistent and meaningful structure for users. Luckily, Drupal 7 is able to satisfy these challenges and has been the choice of hundreds of Universities and Colleges worldwide. Drupal does many things extremely well to appeal to higher education sites. First and foremost they are content rich media sites, with lots of news, events, and information (content) that needs to be easily...

Drupal Camp Chicago will be on Nov. 10th at University of Chicago. Promet Source is a sponsor for this event and will be speaking at four sessions!

Promet Source will be at Drupal Camp Chicago on November 10th at the International House of University of Chicago. Organized by CDMUG (Chicago Drupal Meet Up Group), this is the 5th annual Drupal Camp Chicago and Promet is proud to be a Gold sponsor for this event. Come out and meet the Promet Source team at the following sessions: Automating Testing at Every Stage Project Management Tools and Organization Startup Stories: Lessons in Agile Prototyping and Development with Drupal Options for Mobilizing Your Site with Drupal View the full schedule for sessions here....

We are excited to attend BADCamp in UC Berkeley as a sponsor and speaker!

Promet Source once again joins the growing Drupal community at BAD Camp 2012, the Bay Area Drupal Camp, at UC Berkeley, CA on Nov. 1-4th . We are proud to be a sponsor for this 4-day event, one of the most highly attended Drupal Camps in the US! Promet's CEO, Andy Kucharski, and Director of Products, Jay Uhlinger, have been selected to speak about ways to stress out Drupal sites in the session Thunder and Lightning: Loadstorm and Other Ways to Stress Out Your Drupal Site. This session will be on Nov 4th, 9:30-10:15am at Valley LSB 2040. See you there!

Responsive Background Images module (a Drupal plugin) created during Promet's Hackathon in August 2012.

What Responsive Background Images module (a Drupal plugin) Responsive Background Images is an easy to use, simple helper module for making your background images responsive.  It can be used with either static or slideshow background types, and will always fill the full window space with your image(s).  The slideshow background effect is automatic with this module if you enable more than one image. The module achieves this by first recognizing the screensize with which a user is viewing your site, then loading the best file size (image style) for that screen.  For...

As promised, here is the complete slideshow on Chris Calip and Johnnie Fox's presentation at DrupalCamp Asheville - Automating Testing at Every Stage

    Let us show you how we have utilized Phing, Jenkins, PHPUnit, Selenium, and Chef to automate our continuous integration process. We will show you how we force our git commits to pass metric, unit, and user tests on a clone of our development site before they can be pushed. Then we will demonstrate how we have used Selenium, integrated with Jenkins and Zoetrope, to test our support sites every night. - Chris Calip and Johnnie Fox, Automated Testing at Every Stage     Automated testing DrupalCamp in Asheville from PrometSource

Check out this screencast of Andy Kucharski's presentation, Options for Mobilizing Your Site with Drupal, at DrupalCorn 2012 held earlier this month at Iowa State University

  Numerous people today already access the Internet exclusively on their smartphones and do not own a desktop or laptop computer. As Drupal developers, designers, and themers, it's foolish for us to continue to assume that our work will only be viewed on a desktop or laptop screen. Today's website must deliver a tailored experience to the mobile web user that utilizes unique capabilities only available on such a device -- geolocation, screen rotation, etc. This experience must be just as flawless as it is on their full size device. The mobile user expects...

Check out this screencast of Andy Kucharski's presentation, Project Management Tools and Organization, at DrupalCorn 2012 held earlier this month at Iowa State University

As many Drupal development firms continue to evolve and mature, we often run into many management issues involved with the growing pains. One of the biggest of those issues is effective and efficient project management. In this session, we will discuss tools and processes to use throughout the development project and beyond, as well as best practices to help your organization go and stay agile. We will delve into Redmine as an example of a highly flexible, open source project management tool for supporting agile development and support. - Andrew Kucharski, Project...

Brittany, our business analyst intern, shares thoughts and tips from her internship at Promet's Chicago headquarters.

Name: Brittany Agostino
Age: 21
From: New Jersey
Major/College: Economics at the University of Chicago
Internship: Business Analyst Intern, Summer 2012 What’s a typical day like for you at the Promet office?
The days really vary day-to-day based upon what type of project I am working on. I normally come into the office, grab a cup of coffee and meet with Andy (CEO) or John (Director of Operations) to go over a new assignment. Since the business analyst position is fairly broad, my projects can range from looking into marketing strategies...